Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ava Art - Session in Fingerpainting :-)

The budding DivaArtist-in-Training wasn't sure what
to think upon the first touch of fingerpaint.

But it wasn't long before she dived in with both hands!

"Like this, Grammie??"

Didn't take her long to be awed by the colors and feel ...
my little artist-at-heart...;)

Though she wasn't thrilled with making handprints
on the mat for her newest creation....

So we did the next best thing, and did the feet! :-)

Look what Grammie did to me!!

Can't decide whether she's thinking, "Why ME???"
Or, thanking the heavens for fingerpaint!!

The End Result:
"Ava Art"
(This is the second piece she created;
the first one went home with her ;)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Flowers in Grass"

So you'll have to indulge a very proud Gramma here. :-) But this is the very first piece of Ava Art for my refrigerator! Done in Crayola, with the beating of the crayon on the paper technique, this piece was completed in the past week by 11-month-old Ava. Clearly she shows an aptitude for the art world! Junior Diva in the making!! :-)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

American Made

Couldn't resist doing a "4th" bit of (digital) art, seeing how long it's been since I've done anything even halfway creative of late. Maybe this will get me back in the swing of things. And what better inspiration than our little Ava!