Saturday, August 07, 2010

An Altered Tin Vignette

In one of my cleaning jags in that gawdawful closet under the stairs where I stuff my art supplies, I came across some of the many Altoid tins I bought a few years ago (full of Altoids candies that I couldn't hardly give away!!). I loved working with these little tins. There are so many possibilities! So I sat down and Googled for some ideas and really liked the images where artists had removed the lids and repositioned them, or made little vingnettes. (Sorry, no links, I didn't think to save any...)

So I pulled out one of my tins, ripppped the lid off, and just rummaging around for items to add to it, starting with an ink pad to color the silvered tin. I found the broken plate out of my good dishes that I couldn't bear to throw away because I loved the colors in it! I pulled some fibers out of their tub. I found a teeny tiny bench that was left over from some miniature project I never completed. :-) I grabbed some baggies of beads (I love beads...;) And I raided my miniature house in the entryway and "stole" a book to alter! LOL! While I was there, I pilfered three tiles that used to be the house's sidewalk (I'm replacing it with old mini-tiles...)

It took about an hour to pull all my "stuff" together. And than another hour to actually put this little creation together! I had NO idea what I was doing, or where I was going with it, but it turned out just perfect! The "altered book" on the garden bench takes me back to the original inspiration that pulled me back into my art. And it's purple-ish! How more perfect could it get!! :-)