Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yellow is as yellow does :)

I have no idea what I mean by that, but it's what popped into my head! LOL!

This is my last Inchie for Every Inchie Monday for 2011. I can't believe we're on the last itty bitty piece of art already! When the year started I said to myself, "Self, this is a big undertaking." Well, big undertaking for small art. Big, in that it's a 52-week commitment. Self-imposed, mind you, but a commitment all the same. And I'm pleased with myself that I actually stayed with it. Me, Queen of Procrastination and Duchess of Unfinished Projects!

So here is my Yellow Inchie for December 26, 2011 - a day late, but it's the right year at least! I'm not a yellow person, so I had to dig!

Blue Monday, and Goin' Green!

Catching up on the last few Inchies, and then, amazingly enough, I am done! I've done them all! I didn't quit -  (Yay for me!) - though I was late with many. And I have one more to go after these two!

Every Inchie Monday for December 12th was "Blue."
I couldn't decide on whether to go with light on dark, or dark on light, so I did it both ways! 

And December 19th's was "Green."
(I love Christmas!)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Out of the RED!

Yes! I'm out of the "red"! I'm all caught up on my Inchies now. Yay for me! :-)

This past Monday's Inchie prompt was "red." (I think 'someone' ran out of words...LOL!) So RED it is! :-)

Friday, December 09, 2011

Amuse/Amusement Monday (for November 28th)

I started my little clown a few weeks ago, but didn't get him finished till just now (because I was stuck with the previous Inchie...and, of course, doing all the procrastinating!). He's made out of FIMO, and I had to use a magnifying glass to paint him! Now I know some people have phobias about clowns, so I apologize in advance! LOL!

Oh, and I mistakenly thought the word was "amuse" when it was really "amusement" but it's close enough!

"Pretend" it is still November 21st! :-)

Because that is when this Inchie was due! LOL! Got behind again. It's tough this time of year, when you're busy trying to get Christmas decorations up, or rather procrastinate about putting decorations up! Mostly, I've spent my time just trying to stay warm! I'm a wimp, yes, I am, but I digress...

So, the word for the day for Every Inchie Monday for November 21st was:  "Pretend" :-)

What's more fun than little girls playing house, in their own little chef's hat and apron! And no, she's not the stereotypical "housewife," our girl is a Master Chef at the finest restaurant around! (Or so we can "pretend"....)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Little Matchbox Tree :)

All 25 of my Altered Christmas Matchboxes came in the mail from a swap I am in, and they are all hanging on my little fiber-optic tree in my den/art room. They are numbered 1 - 25, and each day we (the fellow artists and I) get to open up that day's box. A fun way to start the day for 25 days running! :-)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

11.11.11 in Holiday Altered Book RR

Hard to believe a year has gone by already, but I just completed my last spread in the last Holiday Altered Book Round Robin. I chose Veteran's Day, because really, how could I not! The whole "11-11-11" thing, plus, it was my son's birthday. Plus, I enjoy doing patriotic spreads so it all works! :-)

Karen's book was notebook style so I was able to remove the ages and work on them individually, which is nice. No worry about messing up someone else's pages, or working in a really FULL book (though really FULL books are fun to caress...LOL!) At least this way you can lay the page flat and work on it with ease. :-)

I painted the background, then filled the page with papers, sparkly stars (though the sparkly really does not like to photograph well), and stamping. I had to take the pic at an angle because of glare from the flash and lights, but you get the idea!

A "Daring" Inchie!


He flies through the air with the greatest of ease, the "daring" young man on the flying trapeze! ('nough said;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

(Last) Monday's "Life"

A teeny bit behind in my Inchies again...mainly because I was stuck on "life"! Nothing and everything ran through my head but how to put all that into a mere Inch when Life is certainly bigger than an Inchie could possibly hold!

So my Life Inchie represents a certain blue-eyed someone (Read: Ava!) who, by simply coming into this Life, completely changed mine...

This one's for you, Baby Girl :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

gRaFiTti uP YoUr moNdAy

brick wall + paint = grafitti  :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boo! It's a Spooky spread!

This is my October page in JoAnn's altered book for the Altered Art Divas Holiday Round Robin.  I love Halloween and the purples and oranges, and cats and bats, and witches and ghosts, and I just love Halloween! LOL!

Encouragement on a Monday :)

My nephew participates in Special Olympics, which to me epitomizes the very meaning of "encouragement," not to mention the local support he has received over the years from friends and family. So this is for all the Special Olympians and the encouragement they receive on a daily basis. You're an inspiration, Wyatt! :-)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Dreams

If the background to this one looks semi-familiar, it's because it was actually the first reject to "Imagine." I came across it and was going to toss it; instead I stuck it in my Inchie envie (where I store unfinished Inchies and/or ideas for the next one), and when I went to create "Dreams," I came across this reject and ended up using it! The teeny runners came from a health newsletter I get in my paycheck envelope every month! But they were the perfect size so I put the little guys to good use! :-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Curiosity on a Monday

I almost changed my mind on using this Inchie for Curiosity and saved it for Daring, but since I made it with Curiosity in mind, decided to stick with it!

If you've ever had a cat and a door (and if you have a cat you most certainly have a door!), you know how much they love sticking their paws up underneath the door to "see" what's on the other side. Sometimes, they may not want to know!!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Destination: Monday

The only "destination that matters"...
the route from Grammie's house to Ava's House! :-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wisdom on a Monday :)

(Edited to add: my wise ol' owl made the Every Inchie Monday page! :-)

No great story with this one. I just like owls....:-) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Every Inchie Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, and Monday ;)

Yes, I was six(!) Inchies behind! Which, when you consider it's only an inch a week, I guess I was only six inches behind, which sounds inherently better than six weeks behind! Yeah, I'll go with that!! :-)

Anyway, being woefully behind, I played catch-up this week. Yay for me!

August 15th - Strength - With September 11th less than a month away (at the time...) and after reading several scattered updates from surviving family members of victims of 9/11, my "Strength" Inchie represents the many, many layers of support and faith and strength and hope for the future of those families and for our country.

August 22nd - Imagine - I had originally intended to leave all color out of this Inchie, leaving it to the beholder's eye to "imagine" their own color and design, but, in the end, I am a color person, and my poor little bland Inchie was screaming "COLOR ME!", so I gave in and gave it a rainbow which by its very presence inspires imagination.

August 29th - Change - The end of August brings with it the coming of autumn and a change of seasons, as my little inchie tree depicts the seasons' "change."

September 5th - Cozy - There's just something about a nice warm mug of Chai Tea that makes me feel all warm and cozy inside no matter where I am. Both Inchies (clearly I was having an indecision kind of day) were stained with, what else, Chai Tea. :-) 

September 12th - Kiss - A kiss, a kiss is on their lips...my little kids show up again, sneaking a "kiss."

 September 19th - Sparkle - I love the sparkle of the twinkling stars in the late-night skies.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rust(y) Inchie :)

It takes more art supplies than you might expect to rust a key small enough to fit in an Inchie! Especially when you're not sure what the heck you're doing and have to re-do your efforts! But I like the way the rust effect came out for my Every Inchie Monday representing "Rust."

Monday, August 01, 2011

Go 4th and Celebrate! - July Holiday Round Robin Altered Book

This is August, yes, I know, but my month for Pam's book for the Diva's Holiday Round Robin Altered Book was July. I was originally leaning toward the whole flag theme, but the month before mine was June and the holiday was Flag Day so I didn't want to duplicate it too much.

So then I started re-thinking the 4th of July and what came to mind were all the 4th of July picnics and get-togethers we've have in the past. Swimming, picnics, and fireworks afterward, so....:-)

Micro "Sunset" Inchie

Sunsets inspire color and brilliance and, generally, a great vastness of sky and space, but working in Inchies one has to think small. So what represents color and brilliance in one square inch, for me?

Microbeads....gotta love 'em.

They may be microscopic to work with, but well worth chasing them around the desk as they try to escape the confines of your workspace! :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Inchie "Nest"

This week's Every Inchie Monday prompt was "nest," although I seem to be missing Monday lately....:-)

I had wanted something 'unique' for my interpretation of nest but the muse wouldn't have it, so 'we' went with a traditional, sort of, nest. The three little blue eggs represent my three kids, and the white specks are bits of crushed egg shell. :-)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Three Blue Chairs + 1

So this isn’t really an art related post today, but thanks to my daughter’s eye and imagination, and my tendency to snowball any given situation, was too fun not to share. It’s the impromptu and unlikely story of three blue chairs and one purple chair.
Once upon a time there were three chairs. The three chairs had many common characteristics and similar interests. They all had the same rounded backs, and were very very blue. They also shared a love of the outdoors, mostly hanging out in the backyard. They were very supportive when someone needed them, and often times helped with chores around the yard when items needed to be hung and dried.

Then one day, a purple chair took a seat next to two of the blue chairs. The two blue chairs were happy to have a new friend in their seating arrangement and took it in with open arm rests. However, the third blue chair was not amused and refused to join in, keeping its distance from the seemingly oblivious trio. The third blue chair did not trust this new “friend” with the square back and curious shade of purple. It only knew that its two blue buddies had taken in this…this…purple stranger.

So the three chairs – the two blue and one purple – sat side-by-side in the cool of the large shade tree. And the stubborn third blue chair sat alone in the hot-hot sun where it grew very-very lonely.

And the Moral of the Story is…no one wants to sit in the hot seat so you better play nice.

(And this is what happens when we move the chairs to the middle of the yard so we can spray paint them :-)

"Ava Bunny"

My little bathroom on the main floor has sort of turned into a "Bunny Room," where my collection of bunnies reside. (There are a fair amount...you know how those little rascals can multiply! LOL!)

Anyway, on the window is a quilted hanging I had made for a curtain quite some years ago; with a mama bunny, papa bunny, two brother bunnies, and one little sister bunny. How fortunate it is that they match my family! LOL! So a couple of visits ago, Ava noticed the bunnies on the quilt and wanted to know their names.

So I pointed out (revising for her sake) Grampa Bunny, Grammie Bunny, Uncle Ryan Bunny, Auntie Lindsey Bunny, and Daddy Bunny. She thinks about it a minute, and then asks:

"Where's me???"


So Grammie Bunny got busy and by the time Ava came for Ava Week, Ava Bunny joined the ranks of the Bunny Family! I haven't "quilted" her yet, but she's painted on!

And my Little Miss Ava Bunny was pleased....:-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

We "heart" Books Inchies!

My 3 1/2-year-old granddaughter (though she's nearly 4, but I'll call her 3 1/2 till the day of her birthday! LOL!) was visiting and watching me while I dusted the top of my piano where I display my Inchies. She asked what they were, so I told her, expecting her to have a "What, Grammie???" look on her face, so I was a little bit (but not totally) surprised when all she said was, "I want one!" 

So a brainstorm hit and I quickly grabbed a few things we would need to make an Inchie for her (and myself, in the process), and together we created these two Inchies for Monday's prompt, "Books."

"All by herself" she punched out paper hearts, and one flower, out of some old book pages that I'd colored a while back to use for quickie projects, such as this.

Then I dabbed a dot of glue on an old phone book page (they make great disposable workspaces) and she used a little paint brush to "paint" the glue onto the backs of the heart, and one flower. 

Then she glued them on two Inchies - one for her, and one for me. The idea being, "We <3 Books!"

And then she went off to play.... 

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Love" them Inchies! :-)

My two "love"ly girls - my daughter and granddaughter.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Sweeeet Inchie :-)

A few days late again this week *sigh* and no doubt I'll be late the next couple of weeks, too. Oh well, better late than never, right??? :-)

Anyway, this week's Inchie is/was "sweet." And since we had this deliciously sweet, and very patriotic, cake on the 4th with the Neighbors, decided to make my piece of red, white, and blue sweetness my Inchie of the Week!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Catching up on Inchies!

And I was doing so well for awhile....

Oh well, time to catch up on Every Inchie (every 3rd?) Monday! And since I found myself three weeks(!) behind, went all-digital because it's the quickest way for me to catch up! Hopefully I'll be able to stay on track after this. Miracles can happen!

The first Inchie is "Sisters", and since I have three of them, found an old black and white (showing my age, I know...) of me and my sisters. (I'm in the back right.) This photo was originally taken on my little brother's 3rd birthday, but I had to cut him and my older brother out! Bad sister I am.... But it was so cute of us girls, just had to use it! Sorry, guys! :-)


The second Inchie is "Woman," and instant I saw that, I knew which image I had to use! For the sake of speed and simplicity, since I was behind in posting my Inchies, I used/altered an image I had made several years ago for a playing card deck project with my Divas. The "woman" is my grandmother; a photograph I always thought of as "hauntingly beautiful."

And the third Inchie, which is actually for this week is: "Harmony." No matter where I plant my flowers, they are always in harmony with each other. :-)

And there you have 'em!

Monday, June 06, 2011

A winning Inchie of "Merriment" coming to you from Vegas, Baby! :-)

Okay, talk about the perfect word for this Every Inchie Monday! LOL!

First off, I cheated. Mainly because I'm in Vegas at this exact moment and there was no way to art up an Inchie, much less post it! So this Inchie was done a few days ago, but (hopefully) capturing the "merriment" I'm having right now! :-)

Final posting of Inchie, courtesy of the daughter....Thank you, Linds, for doing this for your Mom! :-)

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Home" is where the Heart is...even in an Inchie ;)

This week's word prompt for Every Inchie Monday has never been more perfect.


Opting for simplicity this week, I drew this Inchie house with regular crayons, placing a heart-shaped button, painted with textured paint, at the center, which to me is exactly what a home signifies. Home is where the Heart is...:-0

And today, on this Memorial Weekend Monday, I am "home," and the my favorite little 3-year-old (that would be Ava! LOL!) is also at my home.

She is my Heart, and my Heart is "home," so.....there you have it!

(It's been a great weekend, by the way....:-)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May Day in Holiday Altered Book RR

Karen O's beautiful bird book for our Holidays Altered Book Round Robin has been nesting at my house throughout the month of May. My spread depicting "May Day."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A little bit of Solitude on Monday

Do you ever marvel at how some times you have to actually "think" (God forbid) when it comes to ideas, and other times the idea pops up before you knew you were even thinking it? Okay, so maybe not, but that's how the inspiration for this week's Every Inchie Monday word prompt hit me. The second, or maybe the instant before the second, I saw that this week's word was "solitude" I knew exactly what it was going to look like. Partly because I'd already done it.

Years ago (and I mean many years ago), when I was just a lass, I drew/sketched/painted a series of pictures of a little girl, usually around the farm where I had lived the better part of my childhood. Always alone. But not necessarily lonely. At least that's how I saw her then. Having dug out my stash of artwork from "way back when" I found my little girl and choose a piece which was actually complete. (Even then I had a nasty habit of starting a project and getting bored with it halfway through the process! LOL!)

This little girl was done in acrylics, from the looks of it, and I scanned it in, cropped, resized, and added the lettering.

And before you ask, or speculate, no, this little girl isn't me. Or at least I don't think so! Most of the little girls were blonde, and I am decidedly not! LOL!

Unfortunately some of the detail got lost in the resizing/printing process
- not to mention the coloring is a bit off - so I also posted the scan itself.

The original scan

Monday, May 16, 2011


And this week's Every Inchie Monday word prompt is: "fancy"

I wasn't sure how to portray "fancy." Even Googled the word to get inspiration! With nothing coming forthwith...(forthwith?? LOL!) The only image that popped into my head (oops, almost typed "pooped!)  from the get-go was fanciful lettering, as in a monogram, so...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bibbity - Bobbity - PINK!

Welcome to Every Inchie Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday!

Monday, because I thought about it on Monday.
Tuesday, because that is when I actually arted it.
And, Wednesday, because I didn't get around to posting it sooner! :-)

I really had no clear vision for this week's word: "Pink," so I just grabbed a bunch of baggies from my art drawers that looked like they had pink in them and worked with what I had (at work, but shhh....they think I work there! LOL!)

Pink it is! And what is pinker or more fun or more magical than a pink Fairy Godmother shooting colored sparks from her fairy wand! :-)

Monday, May 02, 2011

Holidays Altered Book Round Robin: April - Spring!

My April spread for Kathy's Holidays Altered Round Robin Book was "Spring." Or more precisely, the hopes of spring...seeing how my favorite season has proven to be a bit more elusive than usual. Emily Dickinson's poem kept running through my head, so I went with it!

The book was an old record album with pockets, that had been separated for ease of working in the book. We were to decorate one page, front and back, and got to make tags for the pockets. Looking at the pictures now, I almost feel I should have/could have made more than the two tags, but it looked "complete" at the time. Below is the front of my page, with the tags inside. I painted the background and used an old calendar page (for April, no less!) for the bird and other images on the page.

The back of the page:
And the tags....

The verse of Emily Dickinson's poem that inspired the spread....:-)
Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.