Monday, September 26, 2011

Wisdom on a Monday :)

(Edited to add: my wise ol' owl made the Every Inchie Monday page! :-)

No great story with this one. I just like owls....:-) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Every Inchie Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, and Monday ;)

Yes, I was six(!) Inchies behind! Which, when you consider it's only an inch a week, I guess I was only six inches behind, which sounds inherently better than six weeks behind! Yeah, I'll go with that!! :-)

Anyway, being woefully behind, I played catch-up this week. Yay for me!

August 15th - Strength - With September 11th less than a month away (at the time...) and after reading several scattered updates from surviving family members of victims of 9/11, my "Strength" Inchie represents the many, many layers of support and faith and strength and hope for the future of those families and for our country.

August 22nd - Imagine - I had originally intended to leave all color out of this Inchie, leaving it to the beholder's eye to "imagine" their own color and design, but, in the end, I am a color person, and my poor little bland Inchie was screaming "COLOR ME!", so I gave in and gave it a rainbow which by its very presence inspires imagination.

August 29th - Change - The end of August brings with it the coming of autumn and a change of seasons, as my little inchie tree depicts the seasons' "change."

September 5th - Cozy - There's just something about a nice warm mug of Chai Tea that makes me feel all warm and cozy inside no matter where I am. Both Inchies (clearly I was having an indecision kind of day) were stained with, what else, Chai Tea. :-) 

September 12th - Kiss - A kiss, a kiss is on their little kids show up again, sneaking a "kiss."

 September 19th - Sparkle - I love the sparkle of the twinkling stars in the late-night skies.