Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Eroded Teddy

Remember back in January when I hung an unsuspecting Teddy out in the weathered elements, wired to a bundle of miscellaneous this'n'that, where they hung through snow, sleet, snow, wind, snow, rain, snow, sun, and more snow???

Teddy was actually part of an Erosion Art Bundle Project which I had participated in with my fellow Altered Art Divas. if you want to read the specifics in more detail, see the first post explaining the project and what hung in my bundle...but long story short...we were to hang a bundle of erosion-friendly items outside from January (see Teddy in the snow) through April, from snow and ice through sun and wind, at which time we would retrieve the (hopefully) disgustingly eroded bits'n'pieces that were left and make a collaborative art project that we passed from artist to artist.

The final piece was presented to one lucky Diva in a drawing.

The remaining pieces of delightfully disgustingly eroded bits'n'pieces were to be made into an art piece of our own choosing - one we can KEEP! So I spread out the lovely weathered pieces and chose what would go into my own eroded art.

And Eroded Teddy was born! With a couple of exceptions (my muse needed a couple of random additional items), all the pieces came from my eroded bundle. I was actually stunned at well Teddy, himself, had come through from his "hanging out" in my backyard for those four months!

And now I am all excited about doing another erosion bundle! Already I am collecting this'n'thats'n'everythin'else to hang outside. Only this time I am taking more care to find items that are more easily erodable! :-)