Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Different Type of Bug

So I got nothing done today that I had planned, but my muse insisted on doing a page in my Imaginary Gardens book, so what's a person to do!!

"A Different Kind of Bug" refers to my well-loved Volkswagon (though he's been out of commission for some time). The red Volks on the page was an actual picture in the book, but I highlighted the palms (originally all in black) with gesso, and feathered the edges.

My goal was to use some supplies I've had on hand for eons, so I dug into my stash of RAKs and came across a couple of decorated 4x4 squares from a fellow Diva. Further digging into my overflowing collection found the paint cans on a branch (which I colored in as it was in boring brown tones), some games pieces, and the large gel ladybugs. Ladybug stickers complete the "Bingo!"

"Vinnie" - my VW - is a 1971, so I used a green bingo piece to cover the 19 on the card, and used two mini-dominoes (5+2, and the 1) for the year of my car.

It's a simple little piece, but I like the way it turned! :-) I wish I could get Vinnie all spiffed up as easily!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Flowers by Diane ;)

This isn't really a new art project. Rather revamping an old one, brightening it up a bit, inspired by Aileen's mailbox project! ;)

"Flowers by Diane" was a surprise from my husband, which he welded together at work. - TOTALLY(!) unexpected. I had originally painted it a solid green, but you can see by the bushes behind the sign that it blended in too much making it barely noticeable.

So it got a facelift today, in brighter colors! Blue to signify the sky. Green grass, and a "suggestion" of flowers (I hope that's what it looks like! LOL!) in red, yellow, and what was called "grape" but it didn't look very grapey. I went back and painted in a few "clouds," then decided it was too cloudy, so I grabbed my blue spray paint again!

Below is a close-up of "Flowers by Diane."

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Feeding the muse, and the giraffe...

So it was one of those lazy summer afternoons, and I was home alone, so I decided it was high time I messed up my d
ining room table. I dragged out my art supplies and arted this page in my long-neglected altered book - Imaginary Gardens. Inspired from earlier this summer at a zoo where I fed a giraffe!

The book is actually titled "Imaginary Gardens" and is filled with these wonderful poems, stories, and photos, so I'm trying to preserve what I can when I work in the book. This poem on this page is "Where Mountain Lion Lay Down With Deer." Appropriate, I thought!

The little girl on the left page is actually a flap that lifts which shows this picture on the underside. :-)